Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am always interested in other people's ideas and thoughts....I guess that is how I became a Pshyc major...huh? Anyhoo, I would love to hear what resolutions or changes you plan on making this new year! Either email me or leave a comment...I would really like to hear from each of you! My resolutions? I stated already....sticking to my "no diet-diet" would be at the top of my list! There are also several other personal growth goals that I have too! I am reading a book by Jentezen Franklin titled "Fasting". I enjoy listening to him preach, I subscribe to his podcasts ( I LOVE MY ipod!!-FREE preaching!)! Anyhoo, each year his church goes on a 21 day fast beginning Jan 1. I think that is an awesome way to start the new year! In his book, he describes several different types of fasts, and the meaning for each of them. I would encourage you to read the book and see if God leads you to go on a fast! I really think that great things would start to happen within our churches (and outside of our church walls!) if we all gave some type of sacrifice to God-asking Him to reveal Himself to us as a result! I have been praying the last 2 days about what God would want ME to give, I got my answers! I know that if it means something to ME.....then it will mean something to God! I am believing that God is going to move in my life as a result of my obedience. I pray that you will seek Him too so we see an outpouring ( a TRUE outpouring) of His power! did I get off on all of that? So, as far as my resoltions go.....I also want to get more organized. Some people would argue that my house IS organized....I guess it is, but I am always scatter brained, looking for this or that......I want to try to fix that! Every year, I resolve to be a better wife and mother....I try, GOD knows that I TRY! I guess that is one of those things that can not be accurately measured-but it is still something I want to work on. I reckon that is about it really. Can't wait to hear from ya'll!! Happy new year!

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