Friday, January 2, 2009

Our New Year's Day

Brett had the day off yesterday, so we were able to spend the day together as a family! My favorite "peeps" to be with! We went to the mall to take advantage of the semi annual sales. We stocked up the children's church "Bible buck store"! A little bit of money can go a loooong way with the sales that we found! Kaybee (is that how you spell that store? I am too lazy to get up and look at my receipt!) toy store is going out of business, they have 50%-70% off the lowest price on everything! We got lots of little stuff (color books, candy, ....) and a few bigger items too!

Last night we all watched the movie "Pilgrim's Progress" together. Spencer has informed me that it is now his favorite to Prince Caspian (from the chronicles of Narnia)! He is actually watching it again this morning! I fell asleep at the very end....our DVD player is broken in the living room, so we have to watch DVDs in our bedroom-it is hard to stay awake while laying in a dormia! (Seriously y'all , I love my bed!) Anyhoo, I know that the movie sparked LOTS of questions with the kids......they finally moved the conversation out to the living room-once I asked them too (I was half asleep!)! Mom guilt ..........again! They were having seriously deep spiritual conversations and I could not wake up enough to participate! Anyhoo, it is a good movie and I encourage you to watch it! The Christian bookstore, in Palm Harbor, has it for only $5.00 right now-they'll be out of business by the end of the month though, so you may want to go soon!

So, today, we are going to straighten up the house a bit and then go to the YMCA. We qualified for a partial scholarship so we took advantage of it! We paid $10 to join and then $35 a month for the whole family (reg price is $100 to join and $70 a month!). When we get our tax return back, we are going to set aside the $35 a month for the 6 months (which is how long our scholarship is good for-then we'll reapply and either raise or lower it, based on our income)-so it will not come out of our budget. The YMCA in Trinity has pools (one has a large slide for the kids), indoor basketball courts, along with the workout equipment and exercise classes! It will be a nice place to go with the kids over the summer! The YMCA closer to our house is much smaller, but I plan on going to that one to work out. It is a really nice facility-very new and clean, I like that it is smaller! With the membership we have, we can go to any of them-so it is nice to have options.

Well, I need to get up, clean up, take some Tylenol for this headache!, and go to the gym....I really missed not having a gym anymore-I feels so good to say that!
Happy Friday everyone!

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