Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year's eve

Every year, the kids and I stay up and watch the "ball drop" together. We watch movies or play has become a tradition in the McCann household. Brett always has to drive for the limo company on he misses out :( Tonight, we have borrowed 3 movies from the library and we will also be watching "Benji"-a movie Spencer got from the Christian book store! Poor Spencer always has to sit through the movies that the girls and I like! Tonight's playlist includes "Sense and sensibility"; "Pride and Prejudice"; possibly "The secret garden" (we will check it out-I heard that there was some questionable things in the movie, but in reading the description-I do not see it.). I am SO glad that the girls love all the old movies like I do!! We will also be making cookies for our "party".

Anyhoo.......sales! The sales are amazing right now! Yesterday, at Target, I got bags of "willy wonka" candy for .02 cents each! I also got bags of Hersey's candy and Nestle candy for .20 cents a bag! (They have 75% off of their Christmas candy....and I had coupons on top of that!) We do NOT need candy...what was "Santa" THINKING.....filling up our stockings with so much!? Since we do not need candy, we are going to be using it as incentives in Children's church. Brett and I are going to be heading up the children's church at the new church-so we are stocking up on all kinds of goodies for the "Bible buck store"!

Well, I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year! BE SAFE!

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