Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Monday!

Yesterday we went to church, then I went to Kmart for some double coupon spending! I got SOOOO much stuff...a lot of it was FREE!
The items I got for free are:

4- (4 packs) of Olay soap

4- large bags of Lifesavers

3-bottles of Men's Gillette body wash

3-packs of Pledge dusting wipes

4-cans of Endust spray

The rest of the items I got were things like (multiples of each product!) Dove shampoo/conditioner, Tylenol, Oust disinfectant spray, Aussie S/C and styling products, Bengay cream, napkins, Pur water filters and Water flavorings, soda, Chocolate "turtles" (for a gift)...

My total went from $176.00 down to $40.00- since I had to spend $20.00 (after $9.00 in coupons!) on the Pur 3 pack of filters and the 2 pack of flavorings(which I had set aside money to buy anyway)-I only spent $20.00 on all the rest!
Last night we decorated our tree...when we plugged in the lights-all but about 6 lights were blown! I had to run out to CVS to buy more lights. We bought 8 (100 bulb) packs of lights, 3 boxes of candy canes, 2 bottles of febreeze fabric spray and 2 bottles of febreeze air total was .18 cents! The guy in line behind me just looked at me like I was nuts! The reason it was so low was because I used about $36.00 of my reward bucks, along with coupons. I ended up making $5.00 more in reward bucks though! It hurt to let go of that many reward bucks...knowing I was only gonna make $5.00 back! I still have $29.00 reward bucks THOSE I will save to use to make more

After we decorated our tree we watched the Bucs vs Saints game. I wore my Saints shirt and cheered for the Saints...mostly just to aggravate Brett and Spencer! They ended up losing....20 to 23 . Shocker! Anyhoo....I had fun torturing Brett and Bubba! My Daddy kept calling...KNOWING that we were watching it on DVR.....and telling me what the score was. There was not too much suspense in watching it for me....I would not DARE tell Brett what the score was though!! He is serious about making sure he does not find out ANYTHING about the game before he watches it!!
Brett and I ran out to buy ice cream (vowing to "start our diets tomorrow! LOL) and we watched the movie "Fred Clause" with the kids while we ate our ice cream! I love family time like that!
So...that catches you all up to today! I am going to call my Physical therapist and set my 3 appts for the week, then I am going to walk up to the work off some of that ice cream!
Have a HAPPY Monday everyone!

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