Monday, December 1, 2008


I know you are all probably sick to death of reading about my coupon deals......but......I just have to tell you about today! I'll try not to talk so much about my coupons in the promises-but I WILL try! I went back to Kmart and I bought 4 boxes of Kellogg's mini wheats, 2 boxes of Kellogg's Special K cereal, a can Lysol spray, 4 boxes of Pop tarts and a can of frosting and my total was $5.46!! Whoo hoo! The cashier jokingly said "Someone call my manager...I've just been robbed!" I just LOVE double coupon week!

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Heidi said...

Hi Sha,

Do you get the K-mart coupons in the mail. I'm going to try it out sometime. Also, you mentioned in another post that you went to a coupon class in MN. Was that with MOPS?

Thanks for sharing all your bargains. I love hearing about your finds.


Heidi :-)