Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Monday!

"Tired" is not a big enough word to describe how I feel right now! It has been a long day!! This morning, Brett and I filled up 17 balloons with helium to take to Maddie's class. They tied cards to the ends of the balloons and asked the person who finds the balloon to call the school and tell them what city they found the balloon in. I thought it was a pretty interesting idea! Can't wait to hear the results! Anyhoo-we dropped off the balloons and watched the balloon release (I actually shot it for the teacher...I am the "class Mom" and we are going to put together a scrap book at the end of the year). After that, I ran to get gas...GOTTA love these gas prices huh!? I paid $1.69 a gallon at Sam's club! Then, I went to Walgreen's,Target and Publix. I gotta a lot of great deals.....and, keeping true to my word, I am not going to tell you every single thing I got!! I will give you a little tip-at Publix, they have flyers at the front of the store with "STORE" coupons (meaning not from the manufacture), inside they have a ton of great coupons! And remember...you can use BOTH a "store" coupon and a "manufacture" coupon on the same product. Just for example.....They had "aleve" pain reliever for $3.55 each. ON the box they had a $1.00 off coupon (if your publix does not have the coupon on the box...there was coupons in the paper recently-you can use that instead), and in the Publix flyer they had a coupon for $5.00 off any TWO aleve products (or a number of other brands too-but I choose Aleve). SO....$3.55 times two (because you have to buy two to use the store coupon)=$7.10. Take off the $5.00 store coupon and the price is now $2.10....take off the two $1.00 off coupons and the final price was only .10 cents (for TWO bottles!). Got it? That is just one example...this flyer is FULL of great deals like that! ANY Cover girl product = $2.50 off .....ANY Revlon tool= $2.00 off...........go check it out! And TRUST me....I know there are a few of you out there that are afraid to try this-it is completely legal and legit! If you are really concerned, ask for the manager before you shop...he or she will tell you that you CAN use 2 coupons on ONE product as long as one is a STORE coupon and one is a Manufacturer's coupon. Ok....that is it on the coupon talk.....for now! I have become passionate about...I hate to admit this, but this morning when Brett woke me up and brought me my coffee in bed-I was actually DREAMING about.....you guessed it, COUPONS! Maybe I should put a call in to Dr. Phil....what do you think?
In all seriousness...I thank God for giving me the insight and opportunity to get great deals like this...I know that it was all in HIS plan when I took the "coupon class" in Minneapolis-I am blessed to BE a BLESSING! I am just a vessel that God uses to bless my family and the people who receive the products that I buy!
Hope you are all having a "Happy Monday"!
Oh! Can I just say...I love this picture of Brett....if you look closely you can see that his feet are off the ground. He jumped up so I could shoot it-and it would look like the balloons were carrying him away!

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