Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Saturday.

Today has been a long day....but a good one. I woke up early and got a few things done around the house,Brett ran Brooke to the Christmas tree stand (where the youth group is selling trees), did a few more things, went to the bank, went back to the youth group tree sale to pick up our tree, came home and put it up (we are gonna decorate it tomorrow though), then BACK to pick up Brooke and took her to basketball practice, came home and spent about 4 1/2 hours in my beloved "Dormia" editing pictures from Shea's birthday party shoot! Then, it was back to the school to pick up Brooke, burned all the edited pics onto a disc, created a DVD of the pics (set to the songs "16 candles" and "You're gonna miss this"), then I sat down with the girls and watched the old movie "Funny Girl". After that, I made the chili made for tomorrow's lunch (gonna plug in the crock pot in the morning) and I got the kids to bed. I am starting to get sleepy now!

Anyhoo, my heart just about leaped out of my chest when I opened the "Kmart" ad that I got in the mail today! I guess you have to share my passion for coupons and saving money to fully understand my excitement....but this week Kmart will DOUBLE all manufacturer's coupons up to and including $2.00! So, a $2.00 coupon will be worth $4.00!!! I am so thrilled!! I went through the ad and my coupons and there are several different things that I will be getting for free!! Yippee!! I told Brett that it is better than Christmas for me....he did not quite "get it" either..........if you are reading this, scratching your head, wondering what all the "fuss" is about. At any rate...I will be heading to Kmart-first thing after church tomorrow! Can't wait!

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Jennie said...

Your tree looks great. They've got some pretty ones this year. Kind of makes me wish I did already have a fake pre-lit tree. Thanks again so much for pictures. They turned out great.