Monday, December 15, 2008

New blog name

I am sure you noticed, along with with the new blog address, this blog is "trying on" a new name. The reason being? I have joined multiple "blog rolls" (sites that post your blog address)-in hopes of creating more revenue from my ads. "My Thoughts"(the title)-did not target the readers I am trying to attract. My actual blog will be the same, I will still be posting on the same topics as I always have, in case your were wondering. Anyhoo, I am not "in love" with the new name and I am looking for suggestions-once I have a few suggestions, I will be taking a poll. If you can think of a "catchy" title, that will "fit" my blog, please comment on this post OR email me directly! I am looking forward to hearing your ideas! I came up with "Cookies and Coupons" -while thinking about the upcoming coupon class. When Michelle suggested that I charge money for taking the class, I told her..."just make me some cookies". And, since I am always sharing, on this blog, about my struggles and triumphs (sometimes the same week!) with my weight...."cookies" just seemed to fit. Anyhoo, please share your ideas on a name!

Last night, we went to feed the fish and the turtles, then we played in the park a bit. Maddie and I were walking along the sea wall when we passed a group of teenagers. Once we passed them, one of them said "Merry F******* Christmas"! I turned around and looked at her, when I turned back around, she said it again, only LOUDER! I was angry at the nerve of this little girl-talking like that, TO ME, in front of my 10 year old daughter! I turned back around, forced the biggest fake smile I could muster and I said "God Bless you"! Maddie got all freaked out, thinking they were gonna "jump" me or something! Anyhoo, when we met back up with Brett, I told him what had happened-he walked over to where they were still sitting on the sea wall, and he told them that he "did not appreciate them speaking like that in front of his wife and daughter". This young girl told him that she had "freedom of speech" and she cold say whatever she wanted to! Unbelievable! Freedom of speech, in a park where children are playing?? I think she needs to go back to school and relearn a few things! So, when Brett came back and told me what she had said I told him that he needed to go back over there and start preaching or praying really loudly-standing right in front of them! Reminding them that he ALSO had freedom of speech. I am sure that they would have at least gotten up and moved! Brett, being the "level headed" one in the family.....would not do it. He did say that he felt like telling that girl that she had a "dirty mouth and she needed a bath" and then push her over into the water! He did not want to get arrested...bummer! I know that those kids have issues and that God loves them, but it just aggravates me to no end to see such disrespect!! THAT is why we are no longer youth pastors! Been there, done that, NEVER want to do it again!

Yesterday morning, at church, there was no children's church....for several different reasons. Bubba does not do very well sitting in the main service-but we decided to try to make it work. Yesterday was communion at church-now, you'd think that since the boy was raised in church, he would have seen it at some point, but apparently not! He saw the plate being passed around and he said "what is THAT?....cause I am starving"! Oh, my! It was hard not to laugh at this point-laugh at what he was saying and laugh at ourselves that our 8 year old son had never seen communion! We went ahead and let him partake, and we planned on explaining it on the way home from church (there was no way we could explain it right there...with his hearing, we'd have to talk loudly and it takes a LOT or "words" to explain new concepts to him!). Well, the laughter just kept rolling! The first person prays over the bread...then Brett tells him to eat the bread. Spencer says "But, I wanted to DIP it!" (meaning into the grape juice). Then, Brett prays over the juice, and in his prayer, he thanks God for the blood that was shed.......... . After Brett finishes praying, Spencer takes a small sip of the juice, scrunches up his nose and then he says "was that blood?"! I laughed so hard! On the way home, he says "So, what are we having for our REAL lunch?". Oh my! He is just too much! He's been really excited about my Mom and Dad and Gillie coming down for Christmas. Recently he said "I do not like it when Gillie goes into my room, she makes a mess! (he has"issues" about his room being in order and looking perfect...ALL the time!). I tried to tell him that Gillie was older now (almost 3!) and she can start helping. He said "it is not fair! I am not going to have much time to spend with maw maw and papa if I have to keep cleaning up my room!".

Well, I just got back from my walk, now it is time to do my strength training and cut my coupons!

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