Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coupon Class!

We have a date set for the coupon class! It is going to be Jan 13th at 7:00 pm. I sent out evites, but if you are a friend, family member or friend of a friend/family are invited to come! Email me and I will give you the details! Instead of charging for the class, I am asking each person to bring at least one personal item (such as shampoo, soap...) or a non perishable food item-to donate to one of the families that we try to help out!

Today, Brett and I went out for a walk.....the two younger kids were caroling with the children's church and Brooke was selling Christmas trees with the youth group! Once we got home, I started working on organizing my coupon box...going through the coupons to take out the expired ones....and utilizing a brand new technique that I learned...I will tell you all about it in the class!

Brett got called into work tonight (thank was dead all day!)-so I took the kids to the Christmas parade! At first we wound up in a really bad spot...there were a lot of people smoking (yuck!) and the people in the parade were ignoring our side of the street! Because Spencer has asthma-we decided to leave, before he got sick. Well, while we were walking back to our car we found a PERFECT spot...only a few one even near us, and the kids caught tons of beads and candy! Now that we are home from that, we are going to watch "Funny Lady" together (the sequel to "funny girl"-which we watched recently). Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

LOVE this! they make the inmates clean up after the police horses!

Bubba, being a gentleman, is pumping my gas. So sweet!

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