Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I think I am gonna have to wait until tomorrow to post pics of my awesome presents....I am tired! Too tired to blog even! I am ready for my body rub and Brett and I are gonna watch the "Biggest loser" finale show (we recorded it last night, so we could watch it together tonight...I had GNO last night)-even though I already saw on MSNBC who won! It was staring me right in the face when I woke up this morning! Anyhoo, I have the "bestest" friends ever! I got "Brighton" earrings and a gift card from Carol today. My earrings are beautiful! I have to say, I was "struttin' " my stuff around Publix today-feelin' pretty good about the "bling bling" I had hangin' from my ears! Karen got me a awesome travel mug that says "You'll always be my best know too much!" and a totally rockin' "I love Lucy" sign-with hooks for my keys (which I am always losing!). I opened the presents she bought me first-I started to laugh when I saw the mug, because I special ordered a picture from -with the same exact saying on it!! Too Funny! I promise to take pics tomorrow-I really want everyone to see my gifts! Poor Brett, we decided not to buy presents for each other this he is not getting ANYthing (well, his family draws names, so he will get one present). Even though he is not buying me a present-I still got great gifts from my friends! I have wife guilt!

Alright, I am ready for my Dormia, see ya tomorrow!! Hope you all had an awesome Wednesday.....just because you were alive to enjoy it! Don't get me a whole other blog!

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