Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today's shopping trip was so much fun! Yes, that is right-I get a thrill from grocery shopping! Pathetic? Quite possibly, I am not sure. Anyhoo, at Publix I spent $115.00 but I SAVED $156!! I got great deals using store coupons combined with manufacturer's coupons. I paid $1.49 for Crest spin toothbrushes, I bought 6 (MORE!) boxes of Aleve pain reliever for .05 cents each, 4 boxes of Alka-seltzer plus medicine for .45 cents each............ .That is just some of the deals I got today! At Walgreen's I bought 6 tubes of Almay lipstick and a Oust candle and I spent less than $3.00! I will blog more later...gotta run take bubba to speech therapy! I am going to take some pics of the great gifts I have gotten from friends...I will post them later tonight!! I am spoiled....and I feel loved ;) .

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