Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My day and my "Babies"!

Well, as I mentioned before, we are so proud of Brooke for not only making the B-ball team, but making it as a STARTER! She was so worried that she would not even make the team! I think she is a lot like that she puts more pressure on herself and is harder on herself than necessary.

After Spencer's therapy, I went over to Jodi's house and we got to "chatting". I am so blessed to have her as a friend! Anyhoo, Spencer played with her son while we were busy "running our mouths" and when we got into the car Spencer said "That boy was actually nice to me! He let me play with his Legos!". When I got home, Maddie had supper cooked! I was worried about the time and I knew I was cutting it close to supper time, but I figured that I'd be ok on time still (even though Wednesdays are nuts with church and all!). Well, once her Daddy got home (she knows not to touch the stove when Mom and Dad are not home)-she started cooking! She cooked the entire meal by herself! She made spaghetti (without meat-cause she did not know what to use) and peas. I thought it was sweet of her to do that...and she did a great job!

Now, my house is quiet......everyone is at church (I have to stay home because Brooke's school youth group gets out at 7:30 pm and I do not want her to be dropped off to an empty house at night). I was in desperate need for some "down" time and I am grateful for every second of it! Brett told me today that I need to be careful not to "over schedule" myself (he's worried because he sees how worn out I am)...I asked him what he would like for me to cut out! It seems like there is just SO much that is an ABSOLUTE MUST (like doctors appts, Spencer's therapy, My physical therapy.........). Tomorrow, I am afraid, will not be any less hectic. I AM going to meet Carol for coffee in the morning and I am really looking forward to that! But then, I have to pick Bubba up from school early and take him to Tampa for his appt with the pulmonologist . That is going to take up half the day right there! Brooke's first B-ball game is tomorrow evening.I hope I make it back from Tampa in time to go! I understand why, but I hate that they charge money to go to every game! It is usually not much-I think about $3.00 per person-(I think the students get in free), but it really adds up when they have several games each week! We went to almost all of her home volleyball games so I am sure that we will also make it to most B-ball games too.

Well, while my house is still quiet, I am going to revel in the silence! Hope all is well with each one of you!

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