Friday, December 19, 2008

Today's deals!

Today was kinda hectic, I woke up and took Bubba to his audiologist appt-then we rushed to school (late!) for a day of Christmas parties! I bounced between Maddie's class and Spencer's class so I could help out both teachers. Thankfully, their classes are across the hall from each other! In Maddie's class we went caroling in the neighborhood, THAT would never happen in public schools! I love that the kids are in a Christian school, it is SO nice to have a "Christmas vacation" instead of a "winter break" (as it is in public schools!). Anyhoo, I wanted to share some of the great deals I got today! At CVS they have BOGO free on Maybelline lipstick. Well, the CVS that I went to ASLO had a 50% off clearance on some of their Maybelline lipstick, so a $7.99 tube was on clearance for $3.99 AND it was still BOGO! So, without any coupons you'd get 2 for $3.99- BUT, I had (10) coupons for $4.00 off any Maybelline lipstick-so I got 2 for -.02 cents! I ended up buying 18 tubes of lipstick in all, and my total (with the manufacturer's coupons and some cvs coupons) was -22 cents! Spencer had to pick out some candy just so they did not owe me money!

Also, a great deal that Publix is having this week is 40% off all cover girl lip and nail products. In the front of the store there are flyers with coupons in them and there is one that has a -$2.50 off ANY cover girl item! So the lip gloss that was $4.99 is now $2.99-with the coupon it is only .49 cents! AND, in my Publix there were "sticky" coupons on the product for $1.50-so it was a $1.01 money maker! (Not all Publix stores will allow you to use coupons over the value of the item-but some do!). Last night, I bought 2 tubes of lip gloss and 3 cans of Old Spice shave gel (that was on clearance for .75 cents) and my total (with tax) was .60 cents!

The deal with the Aleve is STILL available! I noticed that they still had plenty of Aleve with the $-1.00 sticky coupons on them still! Along with the -$5.00 off 2 Publix coupon-they are ONLY .05 cents each!

Hope you all have a Happy weekend....filled with lots of savings!!

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