Sunday, December 21, 2008

Money makers!

If you are reading this and NOT at are probably too late to get in on this week's amazing deals! Today and tomorrow CVS is giving away tons of products free! Lots of them are money makers...once you use coupons! I will not bore you with the details....since by now every CVS is sold out! Anyhoo....if you are lucky enough to live in a area where no one cares about saving money-then you may want to run out right now! Crest toothpaste, Listerine, Loreal eye shadow, nail polish, cleaners......are some of the things offered for free!

Well, the youngins are in Cross is just Brett and I until Tuesday! I miss my babies :( . Last night, Brett and I watched a movie while we wrapped ALL the presents! We are DONE!! Yippee!!!! Today, Brett's best friend and his friend's twin brother are coming over to watch the BUCS game, then we are going over to Michael and Liz's house for supper! Tomorrow I have a doctor's appt to get the results of my tests, and Tuesday I have my appt my appt with the new neurosurgeon-for my neck. I will be glad to get through those two appts and move on!

BTW, Brett has told me that my readers are going to think that I have "sold out" because I have allowed ads on my blog and because I have recently begun to write ads for the advertisers. Most companies will not allow me to disclose that I am being paid to write the ad-in the actual post, but just so you know, I am being paid to write ads and you will be seeing more! I get paid $5.00-$60.00 per post and, although I will not get rich writing ads-every little bit helps! So, that being said-I promise to be honest in every ad post that I take-but I can not vouch (myself) for these companies-unless I have used them myself. There is a limit of 3 paid posts per day-and there must be unpaid post in between each paid one. So, my blog will still be the same-with the exceptions of a few ad posts here and there. So far the "paid per click" ads are working out-I have made a few bucks with each company I am signed up with-again, I am not making it rich, but at least it is something! And I am not having to do anything for it!

Well, I am ready to eat lunch....Brett has set out a TON of food-for his little party that he is having! It is really cute-he has even made it "pretty"! I told him that I was going to take a pic and blog about it.....should have taken a pic before they started devouring!

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