Thursday, December 4, 2008


Just as I was crazy too! I think that I have been spreading myself too thin and now I am paying for it! I either have a cold or my allergies have kicked in-either way...I am tired! I am so overwhelmed right now! There is so much left to do! I canceled a coffee meeting with a friend for tomorrow and I am going to cancel my physical therapy too.....I just want to stay home and get caught up-and rest! The last two days I have not even had time to eat right! THAT only makes me feel worse! Both yesterday and today I ate a hand full of almonds for lunch as I ran out the door! Anyhoo...I am home now-on strict orders from Brett to not do ANY housework and just rest tonight. He is at Brooke's first b-ball game with Maddie and Bubba. (And YES, I have MOM guilt about that!.......but I just could not "go" anymore today.)
Spencer's appt went well today. They changed a couple of his meds around and are trying something new I hope that it helps! He had a breathing test today and we have to go back in Feb to see if he improved any.
Well...that is all I have in me today. I hope I feel better tomorrow!

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