Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well........last night I started feeling sick again :(.....what is THAT about!? I have felt crummy all day long today! I went out and loaded up on cough meds, benedryl, cough drops, vitamins......I even bought the kids sore throat ice pops...but they think they are gross. Now, we are all sick! I am grateful that it is not a major, full blown cold! It is mostly just a scratchy throat and stuffy head. Anyhoo....I ran a few errands today...library, bank.... . Then I came home and (almost) finished up the Christmas present I am making for my Daddy! Brett says that he thinks it will be his favorite present this year...we'll see! I really hope he likes it! I may decide to take a picture of it and post it...but more than likely I will wait until after Christmas to do that...just in case he is standing over my Mom's shoulder as she reads my blog!

Today I pulled out all my old books by Bob Greene. He used to be Oprah's trainer and I have almost all his books-I have read them several times. I have been doing fairly well with eating healthy but I have been slacking in the "working out" department! I know what I need to do to lose the few lbs (......or 18!) that I need to lose-but reading about nutrition and exercise helps to motivate me. I am afraid that I am going to have to start getting up early-like I used to do, to get my work out in each day. I love to sleep that is going to be really tough for me! But as Bob says...."dedication, commitment and effort are needed to accomplish anything worthwhile." isn't that the truth?! There are NO shortcuts...bummer! "Working hard and earning your results is exactly what increases your self esteem. That sense of accomplishment is what will drive your results-not a shortcut". -Bob Greene
I know this to be true....I worked HARD......REALLY HARD at losing the 92 lbs I lost 10+ years ago! I put some serious effort into it! I know that I am going to have to regain that focus and order to do it again. It may sound really (REALLY!) dumb....but it seems to be harder to lose 10 lbs than it was to lose 92 lbs! I guess the "pain" of being overweight is not nearly as present as it was when I was obese! Make sense? Anyhoo..I am rambling on for sure now-I am going to go read my book in bed! Hope you are all having a great weekend!

BTW....I have read on the message boards that Weight watchers has a brand new program! I weighed in 2 weeks ago, but I did not stay for the meeting. I have a doctor's appt on Monday morning...or else I'd go to my meeting to hear all about it! I guess I will have to wait until next Monday! Why does the news of a new program thrill me?? I have not even been following WW............!

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