Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Monday!

Well.....I did it! I got up early this morning and I went for my walk....I also picked up the pace a bit from my usual walks! Then, after I took the kids to school, I came home and did strength training! Yeah me! (The kids tell me I watch too much "Suite life of Zack and Cody" when I say "yeah me"! LOL) Anyhoo-I feel good know that I am taking the proper steps to get healthier! I had a (ANOTHER!) doctor's appt this morning...I asked her how many calories I should be eating to lose weight...she told me about 1,500-1,600 based on my height and weight and since I am active. Today's appt was just the dreaded yearly check up....NOT fun-as all the women out there say "Amen!". Anyhoo-I have to go for another mammogram....(again, NOT fun)...because she found some "lumps". I am not in the least bit concerned about it...every year I get sent for a mamo, I guess I am just "lumpy" LOL! Anyhoo....I asked them if they were sick of seeing me yet-it seems I have a part time job going to doctors! I know I am tired of it! I have to go back in two weeks to get the results of all the tests...I hope that is it for a while! I am SO grateful that I have insurance and I can even GO to the doctor!...but enough already! Last year, the Susan Koman foundation paid for my mamo and ultra sound (always end up getting those too)-I was surprised at how easy that process was...unlike any other "help" we have ever gotten! There were no forms to fill out, no income verification......... the doctor said I needed it, I had no insurance and that was all they needed to know! "Shout out" to the Susan Koman foundation!

So, now that I am home, I am going to cut IS Monday! Happy Monday everyone!

Thrifty Jinxy

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