Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today I am doing one of my least favorite things.....going to the mall with a mission. Don't get me wrong..I LOVE to shop...I just hate shopping knowing I can't actually BUY anything...(but the one thing that we need for one of the kids). I am glad to have my credit cards paid off.....but I am fondly remembering the days when I could pull out the plastic when I found that "perfect" top that was "dirt cheap". Of most people know, it is a much different feeling when the bill comes in the mail so, for that reason, I will be stick to the plan...get in and get out ......and try to do it with my eyes CLOSED! :)

Update: my insurance company called me yesterday to tell me that they are sending my records to an "independent board certified plastic surgeon" to get a 2nd opinion. they have an additional 2 weeks to give me an answer. As far as my tummy tuck goes.....I am SO frustrated...angry......depressed......................, but I have had to spend the money I had saved on bills! Urrrrrr!(with the exception of a deposit that I may have to return to a client, if she doesn't have her wedding as planned-but even that has a "chunk" missing!). I guess the thing that makes me most angry/frustrated is that paying those bills did not make any difference! It did not even get us caught up all the way! I worked so hard to save every dollar that I saved-and I feel like I have nothing to show for it...of course, except a car to drive, house to live in....for at least one more month.
Anyhoo....I am done pouting now.....but none the less.....unless a "golden brick" falls from "heaven" I do not see how it is possible for me to get the tummy tuck.
A small part of me STILL wants to be the selfish one and do it anyway.....but knowing how bad our financial situation is right now....I doubt I can go through with it. I guess it depends on what the insurance company comes back with.

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