Monday, July 6, 2009

checking in!

Had a great 4th...hope you all did too! Right now my 15 year old cousin-Krystal- is staying with us. We have enjoyed spending time with her.....although, I wonder if we will not scare her away with all the craziness that this house holds! Tonight we had a water fight while doing dishes...that spray thing on the sink, a water gun a few water bottles.........we were all soaked-...everyone but Krystal! I did manage to get her a little bit...but she sat in a chair while we were being crazy and mostly just looked at us like we belonged in the looney bin! Anyhoo....I am getting ready to drop Maddie off at her friend's and pick up a family movie. Just wanted to check in!

BTW-Finn was dedicated at church yesterday. My cousin's husband-Kenny, did the dedication and it was none I have ever seen! Here are some pics!

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