Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here are my thoughts....

on Brad's newest CD.....
Songs I LOVE:
"Then" (my FAVORITE!) It follows a relationship in its many stages...and explains how he thought that he loved her "then"...but only falls more in love with her through out the years.
"American Saturday night"
"No" Brad's grandpa tells him "Make no mistake....every prayer gets answered, but sometimes the answer is 'no' "
"I hope that's me" (My 2nd Favorite!)
"Anything like me" Refers to when he found out that he was having a little boy......

Songs that are ok:
"Welcome to the future" Talks about the way technology has changed throughout the years.
"Everybody's here"
"Oh yeah, you're gone"

Songs that would be hits (in my book)...but have unnecessary stuff (language, references)
"She's her own woman" How "she"can manage on her own...but he can't live without her
"Catch all the fish" a song about spending the day fishing.....and drinking "not gonna leave until they catch all the fish..and drink all the beer"
"The pants" A comical take on men who claim to "wear the pants" in a relationship.

Brad USED to write the simplest of songs...the kind that really make you think or bring you back to a time when life was simple. Unfortunately, the last few CDs have included songs that have references to drinking...or they slip a curse word in here and there.......
On this CD, he really nailed a few songs......definitely "keepers"...but he added a few to "toss out" as well. OH......and what happened to the hymn??? He always includes a hymn on EVERY CD...but on this one..it is no where to be found :( I was disappointed by that...I LOVE southern Gospel music and NO one can sing it (or play it) like HE can!
Anyhoo...that is my take on "American Saturday Night".

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