Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pics from the wedding

I shot a wedding on a yacht Saturday. The bride was beautiful! The families were very friendly and welcoming! I was treated more like a guest than the "hired help". The bride was incredibly sweet, she kept asking me if I needed anything, she insisted that I sit and eat at the table with her best friend (who was also very friendly!). It was a very good experience!
I did realize that I may not be as ready to go back to work as I thought! Weddings are especially hard on me. Long hours...lots of standing, bending, lifting (that camera weighs a TON!). Anyhoo, I finished editing the pics yesterday. It did not take me nearly as long as it used to...and I took nearly 800 pics!

Today I am driving to Tampa, I have a doc appt at USF/TGH. I really hate driving to Tampa! I SHOULD be able to get there and back with my "eyes closed" much as I have driven it, but I always seem to get lost!

I just wanted to share a few pics from the wedding! Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday....(is it WEDNESDAY...already!)

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