Monday, July 27, 2009

I know that I am the WORST blogger EVER lately!! I am really sorry about that....things are just crazy right now (then again...aren't they always?!).

Anyhoo, one tip: Publix has starkist frozen fish BOGO this week ($5.99 each)-use 2 $3.00 off MQs and they are free!

Tomorrow I am getting my echo cardiogram tests results back. I am a little nervous about that, mostly because I am depending on a good report so I can proceed with some other plans! My heart seems to be doing better I am praying it continues to keep getting better! I have "mitral valve prolapse" (MVP), which is fairly common and not at all threatening......unless.... . My symptoms started getting really bad about 3 or 4 months ago, when I was going through some MAJOR stress. It got a little better as my stress level went down, but it never really recovered all the way to back where it was. Then, the last couple of weeks it got bad again for some reason.....probably a little stress and a LOT of excitement! Anyhoo-I get those results tomorrow and I am gonna let out a sigh of relief when the doc gives me the "all clear"!

Spencer is going to Tanya's house to play with her son , Ryan, in the morning. The Brooke and I are gonna run some errands, have a Mom/daughter lunch, go to the doc and then grocery shopping (if I can fit that in before I have to have Spencer at APD therapy!). Gonna be a busy but fun and exciting day! Maddie is at my "in laws" tonight, she is spending the night there and her grandpa is taking her on a boat ride down the river tomorrow! She is very excited about that...but we miss her here at home!! Her dog, scruffy, was CRYING tonight when I asked him where Maddie was!! It was so sweet...and sad! She loves that dog and he loves her just as much!

I will be sure to post the good news that I plan on hearing from the doc tomorrow!! Hope you are all having an awesome summer!!

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