Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what a day!

Last night I went out with my Sistas and I did not get home until 2:00 am! the time I got in bed it was close to 4:00 am! I had to be back up at 5:45 to take Maddie and Spencer to meet Francesca Battistelli! She is a Christian music artist and she happens to be Maddie's FAVORITE, so when I heard she was going to be at a local diner (with the Joy fm) I knew that I could not let Madeline down! We got there at 6:00 am....but SHE did not get there until 7:30 am (the Joy fm began broadcasting from there at I assumed she'd be there then!)....anyhoo, the kids and I ate breakfast and waited for her. Maddie was SO excited!! She got to meet her, get pics with her, get her autograph and hear her sing 2 songs! While we were there, I stopped by the table to register to win Night of joy I was filling out the info one of the DJs stuck a mic in my face and announced (LIVE!)..."here we have a Mom...what is you name?". I was taken off guard a bit...I thought they ASKED you before they put you on the air.....but I was not worried about it too much....UNTIL...he put the mic up to Spencer-who then announced for the entire listening audience that he was "AWESOME"! (He has this new thing where he goes around saying " I am awesome!") The Dj asked Maddie "Is that your brother awesome?" She said "uhhhhhhhh......most of the time!".

After we left there I had to get the kids to VBS, pick up Finn and run several errands. Then it was back to VBS to pick the kids up, drop Spencer at a friend's house, come home feed Finn, go back to pick Spencer up................. . The whole day was crazy-but it was a really good day!

After supper, we hooked up the Wii and all played games was so much fun! I am having such a blast with the Wii fit!! Running races, doing yoga, hula hooping (now THAT was a sight....ME.....with my back all screwed together trying to shake my "stuff"!). is time for me to get some rest!!! I wanted to share some pics from our day today! (BTW...I am gonna have to proof read this tomorrow...I can only imagine how badly I butchered the English tired as I am!)

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Lori said...

sounds like a very fun yet exhausting day.