Monday, June 29, 2009

Today I am cleaning....from top to bottom. Noah is here to play with his "big brother" so I am taking the day to stay at home and get some stuff done! I have dusted, vacuumed, cleaned out behind the fridge........ (FYI-unplug the fridge first if you plan on using water to clean! Esp....when you have a back full of metal! just a little jolt in my back :).

Yesterday we went to the beach and we stayed to watch the sunset....that is one of my most favorite things to do! There is just something magical about watching the sun sink into the water to signal the end of another day....... with the promise of a new one to come. It is the most calming, centering experience for me. Anyhoo....sometimes I wish I could move to the beach....not to a house near the beach...but actually ON the beach....just give me a tent, the sand and the waves (and maybe my Dormia!) and I will be set! Brett said " uh....Honey....I don't think they let people live in tents on the beach" to bring me back to reality when I told him my "plan"! Oh was a thought!
I finally got a new cell phone....since my old one got dropped into a cooler of water! I LOVE my new phone...I got a Samsung "Behold" is a touch screen, but the thing I love the most is it has a built in 5 mega pixel camera...WITH a flash! My other cameras are a bit least too big to carry around everywhere, so this one is nice because it has decent quality (for a cell phone!) and I can carry it everywhere. I took the sunset pics (posted on this blog) with it. I also love that it has a SD I can easily transfer my music files from my computer AND easily transfer my pics from the cell phone to the computer! The downside is that the camera has a most non pro digital cameras. I am used to having the ability to shoot 8 frames per that is a bit frustrating.

Well...I need to get back to work...I am almost finished with the housework...except the laundry.

Oh...just so you know...I have been taking a break from reporting on the sales and coupon deals....for good reasons..that I just do not want to share right now. I am still using coupons....just not reporting on them right now.

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