Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Date/Today/Summer ideas

Last night Brett and I went out on a date! Seems like it has been FOREVER....even though we went out in April for my birthday! Anyhoo, Brett's brother bought him a gift card (to Chili's) for his B-day, so we decided to use it to go out on a date. It was SOOOOO nice! We even split a dessert and had coffee.

So, this summer has been challenging....already! Finding things to do with the kids that are free are getting harder the older that they get! We go to the library once and week, we will start going to the free movies this week, VBS starts next week. FYI...for those of you who may be unaware...AMC and Regal offer kids/family movies for free 2 days a week (I think AMC may have started charging $1.00 per person....but they allow you to bring in your own food/snacks/drinks...at least the "woodlands" one does). They are all movies that have already been released to DVD...but this year there are lots of movies that we have not seen yet! Just thought I'd share!

Now, I need to get out of bed and get myself ready to face the day. I have to pick up some groceries! Hope you all have a great day!

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michelle said...

Melissa asked me if I looked into the free movies yet...thanks for the info! =]