Thursday, April 2, 2009

My trip to Publix

I went to Publix today to take advantage of some of the great deals they have this week. Here is what I bought:
6 bags of steam fresh veggies
6 bottles of Kraft salad dressing
6 bags of Halls cough drops

My total was just $1.09! The dressing ends up being negative .05 for 2! I am not sure if all Publix stores allow overage but the one I went to did not have any problem with it. They did have a hard time getting the computer to take the last 2 Halls coupons for some reason, the cashier called the manager and she just entered them manually. The cashier suggested that it may be because I had 18 items and 20 coupons (since I had 18 MQs and 2 Store Qs), which was perfectly fine, but the computer may have rejected it for that reason. Anyhoo...that was HUGE savings! I saved $35.54 and only spent $1.09! Yippee!

Isn't that the cutest pic you have ever seen?

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Sherrie said...

What a great deal at Publix! I'm going tomorrow, I'm anxious to see what savings I end up with. I already used all my free Hall's coupons at Walgreens on Monday, otherwise I'd have those too. BTW, have you had any luck using the Albertson's "buy 1 get 2 free" store brand meat coupons at Publix? There is one this week for boneless pork loin and Publix has the exact same name/cut of meat and I wondered if they would match the Albertson's coupon.