Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Birthday celebration!

Yes...I am "milking" my B-day month for all that it is worth! Last night I went out with my girl friends for our monthly "GNO"-and since April is my B-day month we celebrated last night. I got lots of great gifts including: a bracelet-inscribed with a "love" saying, shopaholic coffee mug, journal, pedicure gift cert, Starbucks gift card, necklace-bracelet-earring set, and an adorable storage box. We tried out a new place to eat-"Flamestone Grill", the food was really good...a bit "pricey" but REALLY good! Anyhoo, I just wanted to check in with everyone.
I am starting PT again tomorrow, I have not gone for 3 weeks-since I have been sick. I am really hoping that it will help me get rid of these tension headaches that I have been having!
I am still very excited and nervous about my surgeries.....I am not sure why, but I am MORE nervous about this surgery than I was about my 9 hour back surgery! My guess is because I knew that I could not continue to live my life like I was having to before the back surgery, so the risks just did not phase me. This time, quite different. I think that it will have a huge impact on my life and how I feel about myself....but I would not say that it HAS to be done. I am still working on coming up with the money, so my photo shoot offer is still on the table...let me know if you are interested! I spoke with my insurance company and my surgeon yesterday. The insurance company said that the paperwork has been submitted so it will take up to 2 weeks to get an answer. Once it gets approved it will take up to 1 month to actually have the surgery. I am REALLY hoping that it doesn't take too long, since I have that wedding to shoot in July. I want to be 100% recovered for that. My surgeon said 4-6 weeks recovery time, but I would feel more comfortable having a "cushion" in case it takes me longer. If I can't get the surgery by June 10th, then I will have to wait until after the wedding...if my insurance approval doesn't "run out" before then. Well, I have too much I should be I need to get off of this computer. I will keep you updated on the progress!

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