Thursday, April 30, 2009

CVS find

Today I ran into to CVS, while I was there I checked out the 90% off bins at the back of the store. The CVS that I shop at had Glade plug ins on clearance for just .37 cents each! I got 23 Refill oils, each one came with a free plug in. I also got a extra plug in (without the oil) and my total was $1.07 after MQs!!! I used 11 "$1.00 off and twin pack or two single packs of refills" MQ and I used one "Buy a refill get a free warmer" MQ . Since the value of the Q was more than the product the cashier typed it in manually.....taking off .74 cents for every two-making them FREE. Since they were clearanced down so cheap the tax was minimal......bring my total to $1.07 for all 23 oils with warmers and the extra plug in! I cleaned out my CVS (Sorry...if it is on CLEARANCE....I consider it "fair game"! I do not do that with "Sales")...but check your local stores to see if they have the same deal!!

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Sherrie said...

Wow, I hope that one of my local CVS stores has the same deal! I love all the Glade products, we have 5 of them all over the house. (If I had listened to you and brought my coupon box in the car, I could run to CVS on my lunch break...however, I am in Clearwater at work and my coupons are all at home in Largo! When will I learn? :) )