Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Brett had NO work this whole weekend-it was nice to have him home! Yesterday we took the kids to an egg hunt at Publix and then we went to another one at a local church. Today after church we went to Cracker Barrel-we expected to have a loooong wait-but to our surprised we walked right in and got a table immediately! After CB, we came home and took a nap. While we were taking a nap, the kids cleaned our entire house from top to bottom! What a nice surprise! They said that they were grateful for all the "Easter bunny" brought them (which wasn't that much!-Brooke got a $10 gift card for music for her Zune, Maddie got a Christian CD and Bubba got the movie "Bolt"....along with a litte candy). Anyhoo-I am so proud of my "babies" for taking the initiative to work TOGETHER to surprise us! I wanted to share some pics from our weekend!

Brett helping Bubba make a craft.

Brooke and her new "Vera Bradley" purse & her and Maddie taking a B-ball shot.
I had to post this pic....the sun was "too bright" for Spencer and Maddie!

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