Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Update: Publix also has "vitamin water'"on sale for $1.00-use your $1.00 off MQ (for the 10 cal vervion) and they are free!

I have been sick the last 2 days.....Maddie shared her fever and sore throat with me...ain't she sweet? :) Anyhoo, I HAVE to go buy groceries today or else we will not be eating tonight! I was looking through the new Publix ad and I spotted a few really good deals that I wanted to quickly share.
Pam cooking spray BOGO @ $3.39 -Use 2 Publix Qs for .55 cents off 1 and 2 MQs for .35 cents off 1= .59 cents for 2!
Crystal Light drink mix BOGO @ $3.99- Use the MQ that states "buy 2 get one free" and since they are BOGO you can get 4 boxes for the price of one! Since you will be charged $3.99 2xs but the cashier will take off ONE of those $3.99 when you give her your coupon. BTW-I always write the price of the product on the coupon when I have a bogo coupon....it makes the cashier's job a lot easier!

Now....if this rain will just let up a little I can get my shopping done and get back to bed.

On second thought....I may just head back to bed now-it is STORMING right now!

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