Thursday, April 16, 2009

DOUBLE coupons!

Starting Sunday some Kmart stores (check with your local store) are doubling MQs up to and including $2.00-so your $2.00 Q becomes a $4.00 Q! Yipppeee! Here is the deal can only use 25 MQs per person per day and you can only use 4 identical MQs. Kmart does not allow overage so I do not think it will double if the value of the Q is higher than the value of the item-it may make it free..I am not sure how that works with Kmart.Anyhoo-I will be going through my Q box and searching for those high Qs to use this weekend! One deal I saw was Kellogg's cereal will be on sale 4 for $10 and when you buy 4 boxes you get a $5 Kmart gift card. Use your MQs and this is one sweet deal!

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