Thursday, April 16, 2009

BACK to the doctor

I went back to the doc today, she put me on a stronger antibiotic (Levaquin), hoping to knock out this "thing" I have going on! Anyhoo, I am feeling a little better-finally! I am ready to get back to "life"! I miss going to the gym, playing with the kids,...shoot...I miss getting out of BED! I wanted to update everyone on my status.

I have come up with an idea to help me pay for my surgery (NOT one that I want to share here on this blog though-sorry)! I am very excited and relieved! Now hurry up already Citrus care! I have to be 100% recovered by July 18th-when I have a wedding to if the insurance company takes too long deciding my fate then I will have to wait to have the surgery until after the wedding! It is all in God's hands-I need to be patient...weddings make me nervous-NO reshoots :)

So glad to feel kinda human again...thanks for all the prayers!

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