Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am finally feeling much better and I have regained my voice! It is a good week is going to be a busy one for me! I am teaching a class on Wednesday, I am catering (kinda-it is only a salad bar) an event at a local church-I have a lot of prep work for both of those things! I have booklets to print and put together for the class. For the catering, I need to make a list and price all the items that I will need to feed 120 people! The church is paying for all the food-thankfully it is not coming out of my pay. I am excited because BOTH of those things are going to help me with raising the money that I need for the surgery.

Tonight I am meeting up with some of my oldest friends from middle/high school in a "reunion" of sorts. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up! HS seems like a lifetime ago...I guess it really WAS a lifetime ago! My life is so different now..but it will be nice to step back into that "world" for a while.

Right now, Maddie and I are cuttin' coupons....getting ready for our Kmart trip tomorrow! BTW....I looked through some of my coupons and I realized that there are $1.00 off ANY Kellogg's cereal MQs. Use these at Kmart on that 4/$10 deal and the cereal is just .50 cents a box AND you'll get a $5.00 gift it is a money maker! I will let you know what we bring home tomorrow and I would love to hear the deals that you find too!

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Sherrie said...

I found a couple other bargains at Kmart with the double coupons-

Vaseline lotions are $2.50, there was recently a $1.25 off coupon that makes them free after double coupon. There is also a 1.25 off coupon for the Vaseline cocoa butter lotion (free after coups), but my Kmart was out of stock on it.

Glade Sense & Spray refills are 2 for $3, with $1 off 2 coupon doubled they are 50 cents each. Again, my Kmart was out of stock.

Trident gum 3 pack is $2.89, with a doubled $1 coupon they are 89 cents

Herbal Essences shampoo are $3 each, with doubled $1 coupons they are $1 each.