Friday, January 30, 2009


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Today has been a long day for me! I worked on last week's coupons, got the oil changed (getting ready for our vacation!), talked to my Mom-online for a long time, ordered a portrait for a former client ( a 16x20-on board-turned out flawless!! I LOVE my camera!), delivered the portrait for the client, took Brooke to the doctor (she had a 103 degree fever when she got home from poor baby! Y'all pray she gets better soon! She is on antibiotics now), picked up Brooke's meds, finished supper and dishes, did some laundry and now I am beat! Brett thought he had no work tonight...since the last time he asked they said "no"-then, while I was picking up Brooke's meds they called him-demanding to know where he was at! Uh.....HOME! Since they never told him he had a job! I HATE that limo company!! There is NOTHING fair about it-NOTHING! They claim he is "self employed" but expect him to do WHAT they say, WHEN they say and for what PAY they say! Crazy! Anyhoo-at least it is a job...when he gets work!
I am just so tired from running all day and I miss him so much.....:(
I can not wait to spend our vacation together-he has a whole week off!

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