Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cereal deal!

I went to Publix and got the Post cereal! I went to 2 different stores because the one store was out of the "Honey Comb" kind. I asked the managers of both stores if there was a limit-and both told me to get all that I wanted! I got 52 boxes all together (26 in each store)-I also got 6 cans of Rotel (for negative-.03 cents) so I paid out $12.97 for 52 boxes of cereal and 6 cans of Rotel! People looked at me like I was cart was over flowing with cereal! Spencer made me laugh.....he told the manager, that rang us up at one of the stores, "all of this cereal is not for us....we could not fit it in our kitchen! We are gonna give some to the hobos!". I could NOT believe he said that! I have told him that we do not call homeless people "hobos"-but he "forgot". In his defense, he DID correct himself, once he realized it! Anyhoo,I hope that you all were able to get in on the deal too! Sorry it was late notice! I just got my Sunday coupons-today, so I did not know until this afternoon.

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