Thursday, January 15, 2009

STILL searching!

I am STILL searching for the perfect name for this blog! Out of the few names that I came up with, everyone (who voted!), except for one person voted for "Lifestyles of the nifty and thrifty"-I think the name is ....."ok" but I am not thrilled with the "nifty" part (can anyone offer a better word to go there?). I am still open for, until I find the perfect name, you may see a different title each time you visit my little "no name" blog! I am REALLY glad that I registered my domain name as my own full name-so at least the address will always be the same! :)

BTW-I am looking forward to hearing about all of the great deals that those who took my class have found! Leave me a comment (so everyone can read your tips!) or email me if you are unsure of how to do that!! Happy shopping and Happy sharing!

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michelle said...

I am sooooo exccccciiiiited!!! (do I sound like Ruby) heheeh

My shopping trip to Walgreens with cutting coupons and their weekly ad:
I bought:
6 Fiber One Boxes
2 Shampoos
2 Soups
3 Handsoaps
5 Toothpastes with 1 free toothbrush
1 bag of Halls

Total: almost $40.00
Paid: $14.68
Savings: $37.11
Also: Coupon for $2.00 off next purchase in store
Also: Bonus 10 box tops coupon

I was sooo excited swiping my debit card...knowing that I had saved sooo much money!
Everything that I bought, was needed and will be used!!

Thank you again Sherri, for a great class and going with me today!