Wednesday, January 14, 2009


FYI...if you want to print coupons from this site, scroll down until you see the sidebar that has "printable coupons" can click at the very top of that bar "see all coupons" or else at the very bottom ..."by" and it will pull up ALL the coupons you can print....for free! You just click the ones that you want and at the very end it will print only the ones that you clicked on! Or, you can always just print one, that is featured there, by clicking "quick print".
When you print your coupons....I get paid! :)

I have also noticed some pretty cool things on the Google ad sense side bar! I had never clicked on it myself, but I just clicked on one of them and it brought up a screen for all kinds of free samples...I had to enter my name and address 1 time-I skipped the offers I did not want and clicked "submit" for those I did want and they entered all my info for me! I think it was "eversave" that I clicked on....the ads change every few mins I think-so you may have to wait until you see it. Again....I get paid when you click!

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