Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy......but blessed!

Today has been a busy my whole week has been! I am waiting for the "merry go round" to slow down so I can jump off for just a bit! I met my friend Carol for coffee this morning, I always enjoy spending time with her-she is a lot of fun, and she is just as sweet as ever! After that, I ran some errands and picked Brooke up early from school. She is going to a youth convention and they left the church at 1:00-I hope that she has a great time! We are going to miss her....even if it IS just for one night! We were surprise and I was able to give her some extra spending money to take with her (they will be selling Cd's and t-shirts and there is also an arcade at the hotel). She is such a great kid...she'd NEVER dream of asking for anything! When I told her about our unexpected blessing, and I told her I wanted to give her some money-she jumped up and down and hugged me! Then.......she said "I feel guilty!"-she's got a tiny bit of me in her! Anyhoo-after I dropped her off, I ran another errand and now I am about to go get the other 2 kids from school.

Tonight is a Chili cook off "hoe down" at the school.....kinda like a fall festival. I am photographing the my day is not gonna slow down until my head hits the pillow! I am sure that it will be a fun time though!

I am going to take Maddie on a special "date"...just the two of us, next week. Brooke got to go to the youth convention, and Spencer got to go to a hockey game with Brett this week, so I am going to ask Madeline what she'd like to do and spend some time with just her! I am going to save a little bit of our "blessing money" so we can be able to do that! I am looking forward to it!

Well,.......gotta run! Hope every one is having an awesome Friday!

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