Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am baffled myself about this one!! I just walked into CVS-with $25.00 reward bucks and coupons.....and walked out with: 2 packs of hearing aid batteries, 2 bottles of Aveno face sunblock, 2 glade candles, 1 (8 pack) pack of Duracell AA batteries, 1 bottle of Loreal "pro age" moisturizer (cost $14.99!), and a pack of gum AND earned $30.99 worth of reward bucks (without spending cash!)! Is that NUTS or what?? I asked the cashier how it was possible for them to stay in business!! She said that they manage somehow. I know that they get paid by the manufacture for the coupons I gave them-but I do not know how they benefit from giving away reward bucks! I guess that they count on customers coming in and buying more than the "loss leaders" (the things in the ads...that they sometimes loose money on), and I am sure that they count on people spending CASH.......not reward bucks to earn reward bucks.......but still-it does not make sense! I have reached my limit of the "good stuff" this week-the $45.00 worth of reward bucks for my Duracell purchases, the $15.99 worth for my Loreal purchase and the $50.00 worth of reward bucks for my Glade purchases....totalling $110.99 worth of reward bucks earned.........for an initial $28.78 cash "investment"........and I got all of those products!

So...just to make it clear, ALL together-from today and yesterday, I got:
7-(8 pack) packs of Duracell batteries
4-(8 pack) packs of Duracell hearing aid batteries
8- Glade candles
3-Glad plug ins starter sets
2-(2 pack) Glade plug in refills
1- (1 count) Glade plug in refill
2-cans of Pledge spray
2-bottles of Aveno sun block
1-bottle of Loreal lotion
and 3 packs of gum!

and, in addition to the products, I also have $30.99 in reward bucks, which is MORE then what I initially spent in cash! I am going to spend those on next week's deals!

Can I get some feed back-to see if everyone understands what I am saying? I know that it is a bit confusing!

As you know, last night was GNO-and as you ALSO know...I am spoiled rotten by my husband and he leaves out my pjs,towel and a little note-for when I come home. Well, I wanted to share the note he left out last night. He wrote: "Genius (Gillie rubbed off on him-lol), I want to thank you for the way that you save us money and stretch our dollars, thank you for doing it with joy instead of complaining about we don't have. I appreciate you so much. You amaze me. Forever yours, Brett Michael xoxox"

Ain't he sweet! ;-)

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michelle said...

You wear the crown for saving money and knowing how to spend it!!! You go girl!!!!!