Thursday, November 20, 2008

laughter...the very best medicine!

Last night was "Girl's night out"...I have to say, I think it was one of the best ones we've had! We celebrated Jodie's Birthday (LATE!), made our Christmas plans, and did some "chick chatting". We laughed so much! I just love to laugh (that sounds weird...huh?)-but it is true! Laughter is so important, without it-life would be dull. I love the kind of laugh that actually makes your belly hurt! I got a few of those laughs last night.....and it energizes me! I have some really funny friends (who......I just realized, love to pick on me!)-and it is so good to know that, even with times being really tough -a lot tougher for some than others :( we can just let down our "guards" ; forget about our worries and relax and have a good time! We can share our "woes" one minute...get loads of "advice" and be belly laughing the next minute (often...ABOUT our "troubles"!). The Bible says that " A merry heart does good like medicine"............I know that it is absolutely true!! Make it a goal today to laugh. Try to let loose, be a little "crazy", goof off with your spouse and kids and just truly enjoy a good belly works wonders!

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