Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whoo Hoo!

As you is grocery shopping day in the McCann household. Today I am so excited am feeling a bit proud of myself! :) I saved $153.92 in coupons and sales today (NOT counting the CVS reward bucks I earned today!).....I only spent $155.00!! I think my greatest find today was at CVS. All the things I purchase at CVS today totaled $28.73...after all my coupons/sales-I SAVED $50.64 according to my receipt! Now...the best part is-I earned $28.00 in CVS reward bucks on just today's shopping trip! How cool is that!? If you are not familiar with the CVS saving program......ask for a card at the front desk (they are free)-and every time you shop, give them your card. Now, if you look at their ADS in the Sunday paper, you will see where it says "purchase X amount of dollars worth of product X and you will receive X amount of dollars in extra bucks". So, today-I bought 4 packs of Duracell batteries (8 pack)-they are on sale for $5.99 each and if you spend $20.00 on any Duracell batteries-you get $15.00 in reward bucks (printed with your receipt when you pay). So you can turn around and use them that day or save them for another day! On top of that great deal..I also had -.75 cents coupon off of each pack that I bought! Another deal I got was on Glade candles/plug ins. If you buy $10.00 worth-you get $5.00 in extra bucks. I had several Glade coupons....2 of them being for a free "plug" in with the purchase of a refill. The refills were on sale for $3.99 and the "plug in" value was $6.99. I also had coupons for the glade candles that were on sale. So.....since they count the money you spent on the product BEFORE you give them your coupons....I earned TWO of $5.00 in extra bucks (=$10.00)...while actually spending only $8.00! SO-bottom line? They PAID ME $2.00 for buying 2 "plug ins" (with the light and extra outlet)-2 refill packs (2 refills in each pack) AND 2 glade candles!! Did ya get that? Check the Ad before counting on getting multiple extra bucks on the same deal-as I did. They are all different...for instance, the Glade deal is limit of 5 per card ($25), the battery one is a limit of 3 ($45). Anyhoo...I am always so excited when I can get such great deals...I just love sharing my great finds!! Happy shopping!

UPDATE! I was thinking this afternnon about how I could use my extra bucks at CVS to get MORE extra bucks. So, I went to CVS again and...bought 4 more packs of batteries (including 2 packs of hearing aid batteries), 4 glade candles, 1 glade plug in and 1 refill. I spent my extra bucks...and earned $25.00 MORE extra bucks!! SO , I got all of that and I am only $3.00 extra bucks short of what I came in with and I spent NO cash (except $5.00 on a seperate transaction)!

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