Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stone crabs

YUMMY! My Daddy bought us 10 lbs of stone crabs...and they are SOOOOOO good! I picked them up this evening & and the kids and I "got into them" already........we saved some for lunch tomorrow so Brett could have some too (he's at work)!

Not much to say about the day today.......this morning Brett scrubbed the house and washed the car while I ran to the bank and took Bubba to the library. After that we went to the park for Spencer's friend's B-day party. Came home, baked a cake and 2 batches of cookies (Maddie's Missionette's class is having a bake sale at church tomorrow). Then, I went to pick up the stone crabs. Tonight I am going to watching one of the old movies I got from the library today. We got "Funny face" (Audry Hepburn), "Funny Girl" (Barbara Streisand) and "Rear Window"-an Alfred Hitchcock movie (James Stewart). I love the old movies....they are the best! Anyhoo, that about wraps up my day!

It is GOOD to be ALIVE! Go out and LIVE your life!! CELEBRATE the ordinary!


michelle said...

When are you going to stop rubbing these stone crabs in our face??? How about shoving 'em in our mouths...after you crack 'em, of course! What a nice blessing! =]

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

LOL-Michelle!! I will remember to save you some next time we get them! My Dad says he's gonna buy some more when he is down for Christmas....he gets them for only $3.50 per lb!! We'll be sure to buy some extra for you!! :)