Thursday, November 13, 2008


As you can imagine...I fell asleep early and I did not get to finish watching the CMA awards! I am going to start where I left off as soon as I finish this post!

This morning I had my facet injections. It has been a crazy, stressful morning! For starters...I was supposed to be at the outpatient center at 8:00 am for my 8:30 am appt. Well-I knew that would not be possible so I told them I could be there by 8:15 am-once I got the kids off to school. Well....something REALLY crazy is going on with US 19-they have it completely blocked off for several blocks! I had to turn around and go a back way to get to my doctor. That put me there at 8:45 am! Good thing the doctor ALSO got caught up in it and he and I made it to the outpatient center at about the same time! On the way back ..I noticed about 7 cop cars...and ONE large tool delivery truck, but NO accident! When I passed the scene there was a police officer ON THE GROUND-under the tool truck (as though he was fixing it!)-anyhoo, hope it makes the news, not knowing what happened drives me nuts!

My injections were not that painful-the did 6 shots total in my neck-all guided by CT scans. The doctor told me, before he started, that this was not "a pleasant experience"-I told him that I knew that it could not be any worse then what I went through with the surgery! When he was finished, he said that I was the easiest patient he has ever preformed that procedure on-I told him that I have a high tolerance to pain and he said "well, you must! You have not even flinched!" He said that he was having a hard time getting the needle through the muscles because they were knotted up (they are always knotted up from the spine issues)-he had to use some force to break through. It really was not bad-not as bad as I figured it would be! They did not do the injections on my mid back-they did a CT scan of it only. They said they do not preform them on the thoracic spine-only cervical. I was kinda bummed about that since by the end of the day the pain, in that area, is so intense that it hurts me to BREATHE (literally!) ! They said that the injections in my neck may help that since some of the medications may travel to that part of my spine. They expected me to feel results immediately. I am a bit disappointed because right now-the pain is worse than it was when I went in. The muscles in my neck are so tight and stiff that it is hard for me to move it! She said that she had to tell the insurance company if I got immediate relief or not and I had to be honest and answer "no"-I hope that it does not prevent me from being able to get them in the future (in case the pain DOES get better through out the day). Anyhoo-I wanted to let ya'll know what was going on-please pray for me! I really had hoped this would be the answer to end my "medical madness"! I have orders to "take it easy" for the next 72 hours (I'll have to do the math and figure out how many days that is...LOL!)-so today I am going to do NOTHING! :)

UPDATE: I could not stand NOT knowing what was going on on US 19-so I called the local news. They told me that the tool truck had hit and killed a child pedestrian. :( Please pray for the family and all those involved. I knew that it was not an auto accident-since there was only the tool truck there-but I did not think about it being a pedestrian. My heart is always heavy when I pass an accident or see the medical chopper flying. I always start praying! It always reminds me that we are not promised tomorrow. Love your loved ones..with ALL that you have! Always!

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