Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You're walking on the fightin' side of me!

Ok-up until now I have been pretty good about stayin' out of the "political mess" but today I figured....I never keep my mouth shut about anything else-so why start now?! Let me first say....this is not meant to offend any of my dear friends who may be considering (or have decided) to vote from Obama (that's right....you know who you are ;)-but rather it is just a way for me to voice MY concerns and MY opinion (and since it is MY blog.......I am gonna let loose!). Ok........BRACE yourself....here goes! When did we , as Christians (for those of you who are), forget that we are supposed to be "One nation under God"?? When did we decide that our OWN needs/desires and "views" trump God's law? I honestly do not understand how ANY Christian can vote for ANY one (no matter what he promises us as a nation) who believes that it is alright to kill an unborn child.....or possibly even worse....thinks it is alright to kill a baby after he/she is born-because the parents have decided they do not want him/her. Obama believes in (and promises to lift the ban on) partial birth abortions and believes that it is alright to let a baby who is born alive, after a failed abortion, die from starvation or by refusing treatment for treatable medical problems. If you are not aware of what a partial birth abortion is.......in the least graphic way I can describe it..it is when the baby is born breech and all but the head is out of his/her mother's womb and the doctor stabs scissors into the base of the baby's the skull and removes the brain so the child will die. Another subject completely...but I wonder if that would be considered "humane" if a pet owner or farmer preformed something like that on an animal (hmm....PETA would be all over that!). WHERE are we going to"draw the line"?? WHERE?? Are we going to eventually allow the parents to take a baby home from the hospital and because the baby gets sick or just because he/she cries too much-allow that child to be murdered?? You may think that is far fetched-but I BEG to differ with you. I do not see much, if any, difference from that and what we allow NOW. What about our elderly and disabled people-will there come a day when we are tired of "dealing" with them or there is no one to care for them so we euthanize them? If you think I am nuts-think about it! 100 years ago-we'd never dream that killing a partially born baby would even be debated!

Obama also believes in "same sex marriages"-let's see.......now what does the Bible have to say about THAT? I can honestly say that if Obama promised me wealth, health care , peace on earth (AND I actually believed him)..I would not vote for him! I answer to a much higher power-and I can not imagine God being pleased with me for taking part in the death of these babies or allowing same sex marriages to become legal. We need to remember that we DO answer to God. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for LESS than what America is doing now! When did we lose the fear of God and when did we stop holding up HIS standards? I think we've forgotten-that GOD is the one with the power and I believe that if we honor HIM then HE can bring change to our nation-Obama can't do it....McCain can't do it.....only God can really bring the changes we need-but only if we hold His standard up high and quit being selfish and greedy and more concerned about our own well being!

2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. "

Jer.18:7-10 "If at any time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed, and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned. And if at another time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be built up and planted, and if it does evil in my sight and does not obey me, then I will reconsider the good I had intended to do for it."

"When you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide my eyes from you; even if you offer many prayers, I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood; wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight! Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. defend the fatherless, plead the case of the widow."
~ Isaiah 1:15, 16, 17 NIV

I warned you that I was gonna "let loose"-and I am bracing myself for a flood of criticism, but I feel better knowing that I have had my "say" and I let my voice by heard. I am open to comments-the good/bad and the ugly. In fact .....I'd love to hear from ANY Christian who can justify to me why it is alright to elect Obama as our president.
If you really want to see what abortion does to a baby visit this site-warning! It is very graphic!

**Side note.....for those of my readers who are NOT Christians(and I know there are several)-you may not understand what my point is-please feel free to contact me via email or comment section and I will be happy to tell you more about the God I serve. He is a loving and gracious God-but I fear that He is becoming increasingly angry with our nation and the condition of our hearts.**


michelle said...

You are sooo right on posting this blog girlfriend! We as Christians, have to stand for what is true and right! You spoke from your heart, you spoke truth...May God continue to give you the strength and boldness to tell others what we should already know!
You go girl! I've got your back in prayers! =]

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Thanks Michelle! I will take all the prayer I can get right now!

mom said...

You go girl!!!!! I am soooooooooo proud of you. I couldn't of said it any better. I think you may have alittle preach in you!!! If we do not take a stand and vote the bible( what the Word says about right and wrong) then we as a nation will not stand. I can't see how anyone can say they are christians, and serve the God I serve and not believe that if we stand for what is right, then He will take care of us. He has proved it many times in our lives. MOM

Jennie said...

Amen ! Preach it sister.

Johnnie said...

I believe it is a Christians job to live as a Christian...and no one elses. First if anyone is to vote because of a REAL pro-life stance they better vote for Allen Keyes. McCain has always been against Roe v. Wade, but supports abortion rights for victims of rape or incest. So in his eyes, it's only a life sometimes. He is also for legal civil unions for homosexual couples. He says they can having a ceremony(which is the religious part before God) but it shouldn't be a legal(recognized by government) marriage. So in his eyes it's alright to be gay, have a religious ceremony, with legal civil union(all the rights of a married couple)...they just can't have the title.

Paul says in the bible if there that if there are sexually immoral and sinful people among us in the church we are to cast them out from among us. Then he concludes that statement by saying "but when it comes to the world, who are we to judge. They live by different laws than us". We are called to govern ourselves as moral Christians. Once we try to legislate our Christian law it mo longer becomes choice. We can't force non-Christians to live as Christians...that is just ridiculous. It has to be a choice, not a law.

Really what it comes down to is both leading candidates are a draw ethically...

Any Christian who says they're voting because of their dislike of abortion and doesn't vote for Allen Keyes I would have to consider them a hypocrite.

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

I have yet to hear a VAILD argument as to why a Christian should feel comfortable voting for Obama. To argue a couple of points brought out by one comment....which is the lesser evil? Voting for one who belives it is alright to abort a child conceived out of crisis or one who feels it right to kill a child as a means of birth control? Do I agree that there may be a situation that abortion should be legal? No! There is NO justification for killing a baby-NONE! But-if our choice of canadates disagree with me on this issue.....I will vote for the one who at least has SOME conviction! AND...as far as McCain saying that gays can have ceremonies.....well-it would be a violation of human right to say you can NOT have a ceremony. One could have a ceremony where he/she marries a CHAIR but-it would not be legal...nor should it be. The government has not told people that they can not be gay-it is just not going to be recognized by the people as a marriage. We are simply trying to uphold the constitution. So..am I thrown off by the fact that McCain says that Gays can have a ceremony if they want...? NO! It would just be a dumb thing to do-since it will not be recognized in the site of the government,its people and most importantly...God!

Another point I would like to bring up is that I addressed this particular blog to the Chritians...not to the unsaved. I knew that people who do not know Christ would not fully understand my views...which is why I made it clear at the begining and the end of the blog. I do not expect nonChristians to share my views....if they DID....now, ...wouldn't that bring up some questions about my OWN Christianity? Hmm.....Something to think about I guess....... .

Johnnie said...

I understand exactly where you're coming from. There is a candidate that is against abortion 100%. His name is Allen Keyes. He is also against McCain's idea of giving homosexuals a legal civil union. Unfortunately, I have yet to find someone voting out of conviction voting for him I don't understand that.

As far as this being about Christians, it's really not. A real Christian doesn't need a politician telling them how to live a moral Godly lifestyle, at least I would hope not. So really the only ones who are living a homosexual lifestyle, and killing people wouldn't be Christians. So the argument about who a Christian should vote for is mute.

I have to have any who is voting for McCain give me one good reason why to vote for him. I've only heard, "I don't trust Obama!". I can't tell you how many ridiculous emails I have recieved about my non-hate(lol) of Obama. I get all the forwards that are so full of lies. Like the one sayin he went to an Islamic school, or that he was raised by muslims, or that he was sworn in on a Quran, or that he doesn't like the pledge, or the flag....sometimes people can be soooo stupid. When the truth is, he's a Christian(or at least claims to be...not even an undercover muslim would do that), went to public school, was sworn in on a Holy Bible, was abandoned by his father when he was less than 2 yrs old, etc.

Being a Christian I don't believe in a lesser of two evils. Evil is evil in my opinion. ie I don't think a rapist is a nicer fella than a murderer, although that could be the lesser of two evils in some people eyes. McCain on the views is wishy washy. Abortion is sometimes murder, and sometimes it's not in his eyes. Or you could say he doesn't believe every life is created by God with a purpose. If you do believe that, then the baby concieved out of rape or incest should have as much right to life. In other words McCain is lukewarm on the ethical issues....Legal civil unions for gays, it's an equal substitution for them, and sometimes abortion is ok....an you know what God says about the lukewarm.

As I said, legislation covers everyone living in this country. So it's not just about Christians here.

If conservative republicans were the answer to the abortion problem it would be taken care of already. For the last 28 years, 20 of those years have been governed by a conservative republican. If that were the answer, we'd be living in a utopia right now. I'm not saying that a democrat or a liberal can fix it either....Christians have to stop relying on politicians.

As I said, there is a viable candidate for those who are fully against abortion and homosexual rights. Allen Keyes. However, I've yet to find anyone who is going to fully stand by their voiced convictions and vote for him. If this election is about the abortion and marriage protection issues for you, then you absolutely should be voting for him. He agrees with you 100%. McCain and Obama do not.

Allen Keyes is your man! lol

Realize I fully support your right to vote for whom ever you want. I just wrote replies, not to tell you you're wrong or argue, but because you wanted to talk to a Christian who supports Obama. I hope you still love me ;)

- j -

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

I still love you John-John! I just worry 'bout you son!:) Honestly...out of love...a lot of what you are trying to say does not make any sense. Of course Christians do not rely on government to tell us how to live...but we do rely on government to make our laws and enforce them. And...who are we going to elect into those offices? People we feel share our views and most inmportantly...God's views. The lesser of 2 evils statment simply means..we have 2 choices for our president....TWO-which of the two come CLOSEST to my beliefs and God's laws? Thankfully, the republicans who have held office have at the very least prevented partial birth abortions. A life is a life is a life...period. Regurdless. I really do not think that McCain believes it is only a life under certian terms...but rather believes under extreme circumstances the mother has a right to take the life of her child. Is he right?...NO! Someone will take that baby, and love that child-there really is no need to kill him/her.
I am not trying to force my Christian (BIBLE following) views on the world. I am just saying..as Christians-it is our duty to uphold GOD'S laws...HIS standards and stop living our lives to please ourselves.
As far as me voting for an independent canadate.....well-even if he truly did have all the same views as I do..I would not "waste" a vote-as you and I BOTH know that NO independent has a chance to win this election.

So....given the TWO choices we have...who do you think Jesus would vote for?

I love you John-John and we will just have to agree to disagree on this matter I guess. I will be praying for you and your family. And if you choose to pray for my family...we'll take all the prayer we can get! However,I do worry about you :( .

Johnnie said...

No need to worry. I'm living my life the way God intended and raising my family to do the same. I'm just tired of Christians who have relied on the government. Well then you believe that McCain believes murder is OK...either way you scratch it, it's the same. Like I said if we were to really hold to our views, and vote on a prolife stance, we wouldn't feel good about voting for McCain. Chritians don't need law makers to make laws to force them to live as Christians. However it would force those who don't believe to do so thus judging their life. 1 Corinthians 5:12-13

To answer your question about who would Jesus vote for...hard to say. But if he voted based on his views of abortion he would vote for Allen Keyes...without acception. Jesus wouldn't skew his views based on who he thought had the better chance of winning.

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

I just wanted to make mention that I have 2 friends who have had to face the death of an unborn child and I myself I had to experience such pain-in each of our situations we were forced into having surgery because our babies (each for different reasons)would not survive (as in ZERO % chance!) and our lives were also at risk (in my case, I would have ruptured an organ and died w/o the surgery). I bring this up because I struggled with (and sometimes STILL struggle with) guilt about having the surgery. I begged and pleaded with my doctor I cried and I made him promise me that there was absolutely ZERO chance that our baby could survive (she was growing outside of my uterus-in one of the tubes). He told me that there was NO chance of her survival and that my own life became increasingly at risk with each day that I waited. I shared all of this (hesitantly) because I considered how my friends, who have had to deliver their babies early because of similar situations, must be feeling about my comments. I want to be clear-VERY clear that I was not (in ANY way) refering to the tramua that we had to face when speaking of there being NO reason legitimate for an abortion. What we went through was NOT abortion. Please hear me...it is not even close to the same thing. You may or may not believe me or even understand what I am talking about (if you are one of the friends who went through this......then YOU DO know and that is why I am writting this-for you!!). I wanted to clarify. The situations that we went through were not "in the interest of the mother's health"-they were CERTAIN dealth of our babies and likely death for us. As I said .....this comment is really only for the "ears" of my friends who have gone through similar loss as me-anyone else who happens to read this...please be careful with the way you react and any comments you may make...it is not about ME and my feelings but rather the feelings of the ones that I love!

The Unique Mind said...

I believe were messed up either way. Whether we like it or not, the world is coming to an abrupy halt! John Mcain is another Bush and Obama, well pro obortion and all that stuff...well you get it. We need not to rely on the government. The president can't save your soul, this is up to us and to God to fix this or were done anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of your views but one thing bothers me-
If there was an independent running for office that has the same ethics and beliefs that we believe in... then how would our vote be "wasted"?
Would we not be trusting in God that He can allow an independent into the presidency just because it "appears" that we only have 2 choices- Obama and McCain? It certainly WON'T happen if we limit ourselves to choose between the "lesser" of 2 evils and don't consider that there are other candidates. I'm going to struggle with this one too as it seems the odds are against it. Have to learn to have faith in our God. Love you!! What do you think?

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Anonymous,You're are right about one thing...God CAN do anything....but I often doubt that He WILL. We could live life with our heads in the clouds and not face reality....but that would not benefit anyone. Do you HONESTLY believe that an independent canadate could win this election? We have to be realistic. I believe that even if all the TRUE Christians voted for an independent canidate (and what are the odds of THAT?) we would still end up with a democratic or republican president. I have learned, through out my life and the struggles I face, to be a realist. I DO trust God...I HAVE to trust God..but I do not always expect that He will answer my prayers in the way that I'd like. (If He DID...I would not have needed surgery..I would not be late on my bills......). I guess I am on a different subject all together now...but I hope that you can see my point. We have got to be realistic and if we use our vote on a canidate that has a 1% chance of winning then that really IS one vote for Obama-In my opinion.

michelle said...

I guess it's time for me to put my two cents in...so here it goes...In talking with one of my best friends today...I realized that we as people, Christians or not, just human beings, need to make a choice. We have choices to make wherever we go and whatever we do. We can make right choices or wrong ones. We usually don't know which ones are the wrong ones until we make them. In the case of voting for McCain or Obama, I feel that with the info that we have been presented thus far...we should be able to see clearly what the wrong choice would be. #1:Killing babies~ that's an easy choice on how to vote.
#2:Gay marriages~ again, another easy choice.
I know that there are so many more issues that are at stake in this election, but the 2 that I just spoke of, say it all...
My last thought is, no matter who gets in office, God is still sitting on the throne, and IS in control! HE already knows who won, and who will be voting for Obama.
God have mercy on all of us...

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Great point Michelle!

Johnnie said...

Reality says Obama is going to win this election easily. ;)

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Then God have mercy on our souls, Johnnie. If he does win...it is a sad reflections on us Christians.
I pray that God spares our country from His wrath.

Johnnie said...

God does have mercy. The only ones not spared God's wrath are the ones who don't recieve His Son as their Lord and savior.

Anonymous made some great points. If God is going to judge us by who we voted for, then I hope we all voted for the Godly candidate. The one who didn't sway from what God said. Allen Keyes. God won't judge you Sherri on who won, but who you voted for. Did you vote according to His word, or did compromise and vote for the guys that wasn't quite as bad?

Voting for an independent isn't wasting a vote. However compromising and voting for the better chance at victory is wasting your chance to make REAL stand for what you believe in.

As Christians we are to stand by our morals 100%, without compromise, win, lose, or draw. It's these 1 inch compromises that have lead the church miles away from where it should be.

- j -

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

You know what worries me most? Is how you can say all of these things about voting for Keyes and standing behind my convictions and God's word....and yet YOU are voting for Obama (per facebook). Now that is troubling! So...are you saying that YOU belive in Gay marriages...and killing babies? If so...I do not believe that even saying a "prayer of salvation" will keep you from God's wrath.

Johnnie said...

Hmmm...Let's remember, I'm not the one that thinks it is unGodly to vote for Obama, or questioned others Christianity based on who they were voting for.If that was my stance, I would vote for Allen Keyes hands down.

To quote myself:
"If God is going to judge us by who we voted for, then I hope we all voted for the Godly candidate. The one who didn't sway from what God said. Allen Keyes. God won't judge you Sherri on who won, but who you voted for."

There is an IF at the beginning of that quote. And the "If" was pertaining to "If what YOU say about God judging us by our political leanings is true, then he would judge you by who you voted for, not who got in office". I can only tell you who I know I'm not voting for...McCain. Because from what I've seen is he is not the best executive/economic strategist on the ballot --Obama is-- and he's not the guy with the best morals--Keyes is. So as you see, either way I go there's a better option.

I guess to go with the line from your last post: You know what worries me the most? It's that you stand so hard for certain values verbally, but you don't take a stand by voting for them. If God is going to send down his wrath for those who didn't vote for the candidate that was going to protect babies and marriage the hardest, then everyone who voted for McCain is in as much trouble as those who vote for Obama. Compromise is the worst thing you can do to your belief system. It will corrupt it everytime.

To answer your questions, I think homosexuality is a sin...I think killing an unborn baby is a sin...I also believe all sins are equal, so homosexuality is no worse then a straight unmarried couple having sex, or a man or woman having an extra-marital affair, or lying, or cheating on taxes...etc. And yes, I believe anyone who repents and accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is spared from God's wrath. I have to believe that, it's what the bible says.

For the record I like Barrack Obama and Allen Keyes(per facebook and the real world). I haven't told anyone who I'm definitely voting for. Yes two different guys running for the same office. I don't think I have to hate all candidates except "my" guy.

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

You are right..sin is sin is sin... . I agree. It sounds like it comes down to money for you-which is why you are are actually voting for Obama (or so YOU wrote in response to being given a McCain button). KNOWING how Obama feels about the important, moral issues...how can you justify considering voting for him? I just do not understand. Whether or not you agree with McCain or Keyes or whoever....NOTHING justifies a vote for Obama. Not as a Christian. It is a sad day when Christians choose money over life...and money over upholding God's laws..defending the helpless.

As far as you stance on God's wrath not being poured out upon people who claim to be Christian...what about David-God took his SON as a result of his sin. Are you saying that there are no consequences for sin? Just because you "pray a prayer" once in your lifetime or claim to be Christian... you can live how you want and expect that God will not have wrath on you if you live in sin? AND YES!! I believe someone can "loose" their salvation if they turn their back on God!
It is way beyond obvious that we will never agree on this issue....but I have to believe that my relationship with God takes over EVERY area of my life, and EVERY decision that I make. I can not "overlook" such moral decay because I may profit financially. We have to defend those who can not defend themselves. The LOVE of money IS the root of ALL evil.

Brett brings up the point that Obama wants to include speaking out against "sexual orientaion" as "hate speech"-just as it currently is in canada...pastors in Canada, who are caught preaching from the BIBLE on this issue, are actually arrested! How will you feel when pastors are silenced as a result of "christians" voting for Obama?
BTW-Morimar Khadafi, who is a terrorist, has given his endorsment to Obama and urges the rest of the Muslim world to do the same! How does that sit with you...NOT as a Christian...but as an American?

Johnnie said...

No it's not all about money to me...but I am aware that executive decisions are part of the job of president. For once in this century I would like to have a guy that was decent at it. Health Care is also extremely important to me being as my son and wife are severe athsmatics, and my daughter has turner syndrome. McCain is for creating life to take it, and abortion for women who SAY they were raped or victim of incest. Legal Civil Union for homosexuals, and he sucks at foreign policy, economics and health care. He is morally and executively deficient.

If you are referring to the button I sent back to Gloria, if you notice there is a "Haha" at the end of the comment I sent with it...it's what I call a jab.

I could care less who backs Obama. I can tell you why they want him to win...because he's a rational man who won't bomb their countries because "Baghdad Bob" said there were weapons of mass destruction there. I could care less about muslims liking him

As far as Pastors being arrested...False...I don't think you understand the Matthew Shepard Act(Which is what Obama/Biden want to activate). It's purpose is to expand the 1969 Hate Crime Law via the following:
*remove the current prerequisite that the victim be engaging in a federally-protected activity, like voting or going to school;

*give federal authorities greater ability to engage in hate crimes investigations that local authorities choose not to pursue;

*provide $10 million in funding for 2008 and 2009 to help State and local agencies pay for investigating and prosecuting hate crimes;

*require the FBI to track statistics on hate crimes against transgender people (statistics for the other groups are already tracked).

If there is a Pastor out there encouraging his members to attack people for any reason..YES he should be thrown in jail.

I am a Christian who knows that it's a sin to be homosexual...but I'm also a Christian who knows that it's wrong to attack and harm anyone for believing different than me! "Let you who is without sin cast the first stone!" Jesus wasn't excusing the woman's sin, but he made the point that no one had the right to attack her for it.

Like I said it's black and white. You can't say "How can a Christian vote for a guy who thinks it's ok to kill babies" when you vote for a guy that thinks it's ok to kill babies. It is hypocritical.

As I said, anytime you compromise your morals, you corrupt them. Bar none, if you voted for McCain you didn't vote for the guy with your principals. If it is about God, don't worry, He can turn the heart of a king....at least that's what the bible says.

King David didn't have the chance for "redemption" that we have. God does things a little differently now. Thus sending His Son for us. I don't sacrifice animals either.;)The wages of sin is death, but eternal life is through Christ. As for "losing salvation", that's not something I'll find out....however we could have a good debate about it...lol

In other words if you're going to judge people for not standing by their convictions 100%, you should be sure that you do first. If you voted for McCain...you didn't. Now where we differ is that I don't doubt your relationship with God over who you voted for...I believe that you are a Godly woman regardless.

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

I am done debating the issue with you Johnnie..but I will say that my son and husband are both hearing impaired, Spencer has asthma (he has to have breathing treatments every day) and apd, Maddie has had a hemmorage in her brain, both girls suffered from a kidney disorder, I have struggled with my own health issues and scares-Brett is uninsured completely-the girls are covered by state funded "florida kid care", spencer gets medicaid since he is disabled and I am insured by medicare, as a result of my disabilites. Health care is VERY important to me too....but still....not enough to vote for Obama. I know that I do not depend on the government for my health or finances..I can only depend on God for those things. If you knew the struggles I have faced in the past with my health...not knowing if my tumor was cancerous or not and not able to find a doctor who EVEN cared since I was not insured-you would understand that I am serious about my convictions and NOTHING that anyone could promise me would cause me to vote against my convictions. I am going to leave it at that..I can see that we are wasting each other's time debating an issue that we will never agree on. I love you...and I wish you and your family the very best!

Johnnie said...

Well said, and I love you too. ;) I know you're heart and no disageement or election could ruin my image of who you are. Love ya!