Thursday, October 16, 2008

This morning I had breakfast with Carol (thanks for treating me Carol!)-she is the friend from high school that I just recently met up with again. She is doing well in life-she is working part time and a real estate agent, she is married to an attorney, and they have two kids (a boy and a girl). Her daughter is friends with Madeline and I think that it is really neat to see our girls together! It reminds me of our "younger years"! Although, we became best friends in high school, not grade school. We shared a lot of good times and had a lot of fun together!

Well, this morning I was all ready to leave to meet Carol and I had 15 mins to kill. So...........I decide that I could clean out one of my kitchen cabinets during that time. I cleaned out the cabinet that hold all the "stuff" that we rarely use (blender, mixer,coffee grinder.......). I started washing out a tub, that I hold those things in, and I heard the RUSH of water coming from under my sink! Oh lordy......we already have a bowl under there, to catch the dripping water-but this was a gush and it started pouring out all over the floor! I guess when I was cleaning out the cabinet at the end I bumped a pipe loose and it came apart. So-I stopped the water, tightened up the pipe again and grabbed a towel to soak up the water. That is where I left it. Now.....I am home from breakfast and I need to face the mess all over my kitchen floor! Everything from all the cabinets on that side is out-all over the floor. I am gonna get started now!
We really, REALLY need to get the plumbing in this house fixed!!! Brett's bathroom has water running on and off all day (I can hear it but I do not know where it is coming from-it is not the toilet!), The kitchen has a leak again-(I replaced the pipes not long before my surgery!) and the water in my bath tub is impossible for me to turn on because Brett has to turn it off so tightly since IT is leaking! more thing!! The shower in Brett's bathroom can not be used AT ALL! It was pouring water even though it was shut off as tightly as possible-once we finally managed to turn it off-we decided never to touch it again! Now ALL of these problems (except the mysterious running water in Brett's bathroom) have been fixed by plumbers (who we paid BIG bucks too!) in the past.....and not long after they were "fixed" the problems reoccurred! We just can not afford to pay a plumber right now-but even if we could-it would seem like such a waste since they can't seem to do the job any better than we can!

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