Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My "bestest" friend!

Karen called me this morning and told me that they were about to take her into surgery! With Nikki having HER surgery just yesterday I was beginning to wonder what was going on with our little "gal pal group"!! Tanya said that she thought we were all "making up things" just so people would bring us supper!! She is funny!! She said that she was gonna go get a face lift just so we would bring HER supper!! Anyhoo.....back to Karen. She had a bad tooth and when they did x rays they saw that her root was growing up into her sinus cavity!! Sounds like it hurts!! OUCH! She had her surgery and is now home resting. I went to her house this afternoon to bring her some soup and she was still "high as a kite" from her surgery meds!! I just HAD to laugh at her!! I let myself into her house-since she was resting, I asked her how she was doing and how the surgery went yada... yada.... yada..... . I talked to her for about 5 minutes and then I told her that I was going out to my car to get the soup and some other things I bought for her that I knew she could eat. When I got back into her house with the bags I told her " I am putting the ice cream in the freezer" and she said "Oh my goodness!! I did not even realize that you were HERE!". She was so "out of it"!! I spoke with her tonight and she sounds better-but she did not remember much about my visit with her!!

I spoke with Nikki's husband today and he said that she is doing well. I told him that Karen had to have surgery too and he said "it seems like you girls would find a better way to get free food!".
I am glad that Nik is doing so well and I am glad that she and Karen are both able to take the pain meds....I feel guilty about being jealous of that :( . I would not fear/avoid the other surgeries (the other two that I need and the one that I WANT) if I could stomach the pain meds. I just NEVER want to have to go through the pain that I had to go through with the spine surgery...ever again!! Maybe the memory of the pain of surgery will pass like the memory of the pain of childbirth! I guess we'll see!

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