Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Fun day!

Yesterday we took the kids to the park for some "family fun". We had a really great day!! We got to see several deer out feeding! We are going to buy some deer feed at Walmart and take it to them next week! We also took the kids to get their FREE doughnut (go RAYS!). I love Sundays with my family!

My self portrait :)!

Don't I look short?! My kids are getting huge!

This crazy pic is Brett acting jealous (he NEVER gets jealous!) and acting like he is gonna punch the guy that gave me that pine cone that I have in my hand!! This guy, who was also watching the deer eat, took that pine cone out of his backpack and gave it to me- He just said "here you go" and handed it to me-he said it was from California. Who knows what that was all about! I just like to aggrivate Brett ( a lot!!)-I told him "Well, YOU never gave me a pine cone from California!"

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