Friday, October 17, 2008

This morning I am getting ready to walk up to the library to get some more "Bill Nye-the Science guy" dvds for Spencer and to see if I can find any family movies for the weekend. Last Friday I got "Pete's Dragon" (I loved that movie as a kid!!) and the kids watched over, and over and over........ . Especially Spencer-when he gets "stuck" on something he does not "let it go" for a really long time! Lately he has been carrying around one of his old Webkinz-the bunny, who he named "Peter". He has taken that bunny around EVERY where he has gone for about 2 weeks now! I think that it is a security issue for him-he is not shy (not even close!)-but ever since he was a baby he would HAVE to bring an item from home no matter where we were going! I can remember times that he carried around a box of mac and cheese for DAYS! One time, it was a box of UN opened cereal. There are so many things that I just do not understand about him-but I am reading the books and taking him to his "Auditory Processing Disorder" (APD) therapist and working really hard on trying to help him. Some things (like carrying around items) do not really hurt anything and do not really bother me (I just wish I understood more) but other things..........have me terrified for him. I really hate going to the therapy........when his therapist left several months ago, we were put on a waiting list until a new therapist arrived. Well-she is an amazing therapist and seems to really care about is really hard for me, as his mother, to see him struggle through therapy. It is almost like when he was not in therapy I could "pretend" his APD did not exist-but when I watch him (through a double sided mirror) in therapy-I am forced to face the truth. I am so amazed by him-he is a REALLY smart boy (if I MAY say so myself!) but some of the simplest concepts are really difficult for him. I usually cry through the sessions when I see him getting so many things wrong. Right now-he is still going through the testing phase-they are testing him to see if his APD has gotten any worse/better since the last time. I will be sure to update you all when we get the results. He goes back for an hour and a half of testing on Monday and that should be the end of the testing. Yesterday-she mentioned wanting to get him tested by the behavioral side of All Children's-she believes he may have a mild case of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) based on my description of the "quirks" he has at home.....that is a whole other story!! Me? I am not sure if he does or doesn't have it-he may just be a lot like his parents LOL! I have a "thing" about having everyone wash their hands and use germ-x all the time (I wondered if the therapist thought that I may have OCD when I made Spencer use germ-x before therapy and then after therapy too!!-what!!??? He was touching a lot of TOYS that OTHER kids used!) And Spencer is JUST like his Daddy......the way that everything has to be neat and in its place! Anyhoo.........just an update. I am ramblin' on now!

I just have to share what Brett said last night that made me laugh (AND HIT HIM!). I can not even remember what we were even talking about or what I had suggested (I think it was about the use of a Tupperware bowl)-but he said "WOW! I never thought of that!" and I said that is because " I think outside the box"! He said "that is why God put us help me remember to think outside the box and I remind you ......that there IS a BOX!" Crazy man.........he's probably right though!

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