Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am still here!

I have not forgotten about all of you.....I have just been busy!! Tonight Brett and I went out shopping for birthday presents for Maddie and Spencer. It has been the worse night ever! (Brett says to say "alright......I am stretching it a little bit")I am hurting so badly from going to 100 different stores (once again, I may be stretching it a bit) looking for the few items that were on the kids' lists! We could not find even one item that they really wanted!! We went to the mall (several stores in the mall!!), Toys R Us, Target, Books a million, Sports authority and Ross! Did not find even ONE item that was at the top of the list! I am so tired I could CRY! I know that I will feel better after a good night of sleep-tomorrow I have to take the car by the the brakes are squeaking!! How is it that a brand new car could have squeaky breaks????? Anyhoo-just wanted to let you all know that I have not forgotten about you.....I am still here! I came up with a brilliant blog topic while on my walk today....I guess it will have to wait until I am not so tired though!

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