Friday, October 10, 2008


Today I am spending the day in bed :( . I was in so much pain by the time my head hit the pillow last night that I was scared! My entire spine is in pain! As most know, I have cervical and thoracic spine issues as well as the lumbar-which is where they did the surgery. I relied on Advil to help with the pain and headaches from the other areas in my spine (it never helped with my low back)-but now I am not able to take it until I fuse completely. Last night, on top of the pain in my neck and upper/mid back, I had some serious pain in my low back. It felt like at any minute the screws were gonna give way and break! I can usually feel the "hardware" in my spine when I am not wearing my brace (in bed) but I could actually feel it while wearing my brace last night! Anyway-I have made the choice to stay in bed today and rest as much as possible. I am kinda bummed, I wanted to go for a walk this morning-hopefully I will feel better and be able to go for one tonight. Please continue to pray for me.....I really hate knowing that their are "foreign" objects in my body and being worried about them holding up until I fuse. Thanks!

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